Our Exclusive, Classic, Mocca and Aromatico espresso coffee beans are becoming a synonym for good habits and the most demanding coffee enthusiasts. For a true refreshment, check out the Arabesca espresso coffees.

Exclusive 1000 g

Beans of Brazilian arabica and the highest quality arabica beans from Central America dominate in the EXCLUSIVE blend. Exclusive is a blend we recommend to real experts and true fans of outstanding espresso. Espresso made with passion.

Classic 1000 g

The CLASSIC blend is intended for people who like moderately strong coffee. This blend has more arabica beans from South Africa and Brazil than robusta beans from East Africa and such ratio ensures you will enjoy a beverage which is mildly sour and fruity on the one hand, and somewhat sweet but bitter on the other.

Mocca 1000 g

MOCCA is a blend intended for lovers of stronger, aromatic espresso. An equal level of the highest quality arabica beans from Brazil and the highest quality robusta beans from East Africa and Asia give this blend a bitter, stronger taste without sourness and with a percentage of caffeine in a beverage with rich foam.

Aromatico 1000 g

Arabesca AROMATICO is a blend of roasted coffee beans intended for all those who like a fresh, strong espresso which, combined with milk, has an excellent creamy taste. Aromatico is an espresso ideal for waking up, desirable every day.

Exclusive (doses for a coffee machine) 7 g

Decaffeinated Exclusive (doses for a coffee machine) 7 g

Enjoy your favorite ritual of drinking the finest Arabesca espresso at home and at work. A dose of Arabesca espresso contains the perfect 7 g of espresso, its quality preserved thanks to special packaging.

Exclusive 1000g
Classic 1000g
Mocca 1000g
Aromatico 1000g